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Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


The Break Up Imaginary Forces Brian Mah 2d/3d design for opening title sequences
Journey to the Center of theEarth 3D The Third Floor Brian Pohl previs for venus flytrap sequence
Narnia 2: Prince Caspian "Toasty" Rpin Suwannath previs for tree attack sequence
Monster House Sony Brian Mah opening title 3d work
Meet Dave (Starship Dave) The Third Floor Chris Edwards / Mark Stetson previs for "NYC street" and "club" sequences
Narnia 3: Voyage of the Dawn Treader The Third Floor Scott Meadows / Michael Apted previs for "sea monster attack" "dragon flying" "final battle"
Fantastic Four Part 2 POV Tim Story previs for "opening sequence" various post-viz
Spiderwick Chronicles The Third Floor Chris Edwards previs for "gremlin reveal test"
Kingdom Come The Third Floor Josh Wassung / Previs Supervisor previs supervisor, motion capture
Alice in Wonderland The Third Floor Barry Howell motion capture performance, final battle
Ring of Gundam The Third Floor Josh Wassung previs development
Mars Needs Moms The Third Floor Eric Carney previs (space-port)
Jack the Giant Killer The Third Floor D.J. Caruso motion capture performance, previs development
Aurthur Christmas Aardman Chris Edwards motion capture, shot layout/previs
Thor MARVEL Kenneth Branagh previs for "Ice Giants" sequence
Iron Man 2 MARVEL Nick Markel mocap and choreography for test / shot creation
Conan The Third Floor Josh Wassung rigging for pitch trailer
Spiderman 4 Proof/Sony Gavin Wright / Marc Webb layout and previs
Fast and the Furious 5 Proof Alex Vegh postvis, effects layout
Beast of No Nations EightVFX Jean-Marc Demmer final animation
The Flash DC / ScanlineVFX Vikram Mohan technical artist (temp)



Client: Supervisor/director:


Overnight Fusion Films Group Zack Norman design
Gone to Pot Independent Marty Keegan conceptual development
By the Light of a Million Fires Firestick Productions Bill Benenson animation direction, storyboards, layout
Wallenda Rare Form Productions V.W. Schiech previs
I Chose Life Starseed Productions Jacqui Blue title animation / development

Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


Toyotathon 2007 A52 Andrew Hall design, previs, tracking
Pepsi Pinball Method Pontus Löwenhielm previs
MLB All Star Game FOX Bill Battin final animation
Bank of America "Travel" Smuggler Chris Edwards previs development
Ford Focus Impossible Pictures Joel Pilger final animation
Levi's "Change" Smuggler Eric Carney previs development
Hyundai "World on it's head" The Third Floor Casey Schatz previs
Liquid Plumr Brand New School Josh Wassung look development
Dish Network Impossible Pictures Joel Pilger final animation
Acura RDX (4 spots) Digital Domain Mark Romanek previs
AT&T "Rubiks Cube" and "Transform" Moving Pixels Nick Markel previs
Superbowl "Arrival" FOX Josh Nichols previs
Capital One (2 spots) Anonymous Content Chris Edwards previs
Pepsi "Jump" Smuggler Ben Mor previs
Chase "Glow" Brand New School Eric Carney previs supervision and final cameras
Lincoln "Perception" (2 spots) PsyOp Previs Supervisor previs supervision and concept
Ford F150 "Roadtrip" (3 spots) King and Country Previs Supervisor previs supervision and animation
Honda Delta Films "Hybrid" Logan Ara Devejian art director
Honda Delta Films "Coupe" Logan "Juicy" Wang art director
Champs "Invisible" Logan Steven Poulsen producer
[XXXXX] "Barolo" Logan / [XXXXX] Corey Holms previs / motion design
[XXXXX] "Telluride" Logan / [XXXXX] Alexi Tylevich previs
Lexus "Simulator - Reaction" Logan Jeremy Robinson conceptual previs
Microsoft - XBOX Kinect launch Logan Alexi Tylevich previs / layout
[XXXXX] "Glam" Logan / [XXXXX] Ben Conrad previs
Audi/Google Logan Matthew Loranger previs
Honda "Love" (2 spots) King and Country Rick Gledhill previs / animation
Autodesk - FUSION 360 "Design" BUZZFEED / Autodesk Josh Abramoff producer / previs / animation
[XXXXX] "Venezia" Logan / [XXXXX] Ara Devejian previs
Mountain Dew "Come Alive" EightVFX Jean-Marc Demmer character animation
TUMS "General Tso" EightVFX Yann Mallard previs / layout / animation / technical art
TUMS "Steak" EightVFX Yann Mallard previs / layout / animation / technical art
PUMA "Rihanna" PLATINUM EightVFX Jean-Marc Demmer 3d-roto / sculpting
KIA "Zone" (4 spots) EightVFX Jean-Marc Demmer previs
TIDE "Pods" EightVFX Kyle Leonard setup
Men's Warehouse "JOE Suit" PHENOMENON Mike Levoskey

2d/3d motion graphics

Jos A. Bank - horrible suit commercials jumP Han Ando motion graphics
Charter Internet "Lab" ZOIC STUDIOS Chris Jones previs
DISNEY "Ursula's Castle" ZOIC STUDIOS Chris Jones previs / creature animation
SAMSUNG "Dis-ability" EightVFX Damien Battaile character setup
DJI "Dive" ZOIC STUDIOS Julien Brami previs
Ford "FOX / Cletus" ZOIC STUDIOS Paulus Bannink previs
[XXXXX] "Tangerine" Logan Alexi Tylevich previs / layout
HP Z2 Mini Logan Stéphan Kosinski previs cameras
2018 Hyundai Elantra Logan Stéphan Kosinski / Grady Hall previs / technical layout
HONDA - Racing at Heart Los YORK Ryan Lowrie practically nothing
BallPark - Pass it On Logan Grady Hall technical layout
 [XXXXX] "Eclipse" Logan Ara Devejian previs / layout
 Old Spice - Office Visit KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
KFC "Unchained" KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
HASBRO - Looping Racers KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
HASBRO - Garden Playset KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
HASBRO "Rovee" KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
"AUTODESK it!" KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
HP - Parallel Lives KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
HP "Ignite" KEVIN VFX Mike Dalzell final animation
SUPERBOWL - GM "EVil for good" AFX
Tom Connors
previs / rigging / animation
Quantfury "Arcade" AFX Tom Connors rigging / animation

Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


50-Cent Bulletproof Vivendi David Broadhurst technical artist, storyboards, animation
Tides of War GT Interactive Jeff Litchfield model making
The DaVinci Code 2k Interactive John Behrns in-game char animation
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow Disney Interactive Ron Friedman in-game char animation
Mike Piazza StrikeZone GT Interactive [various] model making, animation, programming
Fight Club Vivendi David Broadhurst technical artist
Dirty Harry The Collective Paul Belmore animation
Walking with Dinosaurs - Augmented Reality EFI / Seed Studio Steven Batiste art direction

Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


SOCOM 3 The Third Floor John Griffith previs
Lair Sony Josh Wassung previs, final animation
Need For Speed: Pro Street EA Brian Weaver animation, look development
Diablo 3 Blizzard Chris Edwards layout, previs, motion capture
Resident Evil: Biohazard CAPCOM Barry Howell technical artist
Need For Speed: Undercover EA Chris Edwards previs
Starcraft 2 Blizzard Chris Edwards previs, motion capture
Xaviant The Third Floor Barry Howell previs
Resident Evil 7 CAPCOM / ZOIC Chris Jones previs
Racing Master NetEASE Tim Gerald performance capture

Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


Pepsi (various campaigns) Carol Guenzi Agents, Inc. Jacques Devaud design and 3d development
Coors (various campaigns) Carol Guenzi Agents, Inc. Randy Nelson design and 3d development
VanCleef and Arpels: Alhambra Imaginary Forces Brian Mah design and 3d development
Texas Instruments: Leapfrog J. Walter Thompson Jacques Devaud design and 3d development
Zima: Fighter Jet Campaign Carol Guenzi Agents, Inc. Randy Nelson 3d development and animation
Climax Co. Bashberg Productions Michael Bash illustration / design
Pica Tierra - Logotype Pica Tierra Adam Lindt illustration / design

Title: Client: Supervisor/director: Duties:
Itty-Bitty-Heartbeats Modern VideoFilm Shuki Levi technical artist, animator
Ribbits! Focus on the Family Jon Dobson general 3d
CW Branding Imaginary Forces Michelle Dougherty 2d / 3d graphics
Panasonic Celebrity HookUp Panasonic self directed previs supervision, animation, finals
[XXXXXXXX] HULU J. Abramoff roto
ARROW ZOIC STUDIOS Chris Jones previs
The Exorcist ZOIC STUDIOS Rocco Passionino previs
 Coopers Treasure Discovery Jonathan Goldman 3d + visual effects
"Gone" Ample Ent Phil Lott motion graphics
Lost Gold of WWII History Channel Edward Gorsuch previs / design
NAOMI CBS / PHVFX Cristin Pescosolido simple rigging / animation
Evil CBS / PHVFX Dan Bornstein rigging / animation
The ORVILLE Fox - Powerhouse VFX Alan Precourt layout / rigging / animation

Title: Client: Supervisor/director:


Polk Verity "Mask Game" Polk Verity Jacques Devaud 3d animation and programming
Michael Jackson - "Thriller" MUSIC VIDEO Stimulated Bruce Jones previs
ConAgra Beatdown Game Exopolis Luis Hurtado technical art and 3d animation
REAL.D - theater intro Logan Pierre Nobile previs / motion concept
AMA - "Cupid Loves Psyche" MUSIC VIDEO AMA self directed concept / writing / storyboards / direction /animation
[XXXXXXX -  XXXX XXXXX] MUSIC VIDEO EightVFX Jean-Marc Demmer / Michel Gondry creature rigging / final animation
 [XXXXXXXX XXX] VR Logan/[XXXXX] Ara Devejian character animation
[XXXXXXX XXXX] VR Logan/[XXXXX] Ara Devejian scene layout
"Bolzano" VR Logan Alexi Tylevich previs
"Spin" VR Logan/[XXXXX] Ara Devejian previs / animation
E3 Space Inavders AR Square ENIX / Gradient FX Olchun Tan previs
TITANIC 3D H.E.G. Michael Hartog 3d design
QEC / Qiddiya Dark Matter Zai Ortiz previs
Dragon View 3d YiShui Zhao, Yun UE development / performance capture



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